3 successful Obama policies over his 8 year term

Obama can be rated among some of the best American presidents in the modern age. He has been able to accomplish several great things through his years as the president. These accomplishments are one of the reasons as to why he was re-elected for a second term. In order to understand why he can be rated as one of the best president in the recent years, one needs to take a look at his achievements. Some of the main successful policies during his 8 year term include the following;

Preventing a great economic depression


Economists had predicted that the country will suffer a great economic depression just when Obama became the president. This would have led to the closure of several big companies include car manufacturing companies and in turn make life harder. This was depression was to be the second greatest economic depression faced by the country. He was able to prevent this and stabilize the country’s economy. This can actually be viewed as his greatest achievement.

The Iraq war


He was able to finally stop the Iraq war that had been going on for several years. By doing this he was able to reduce the total number of military troops in the country from 170,000 to only 50,000. The remaining military individuals were responsible for the training of the Iraq forces as opposed to engaging in war.

Tobacco regulation


Smoking has been a big issue in the country for a long duration of time. He was able to come up with a law act that enabled the food and drug authority in the country to be able to regulate and control the manufacture, sale and marketing of tobacco products.

These are the three main accomplishment of Obama during his 8 year term. All three accomplishments have been able to positively affect the country and its citizens.

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What does it really take to become a politician

Taking up a career in politics is never an easy task. One needs to dedicate themselves fully towards the process. It tends to consume a lot of time, energy and money. This is why one needs to be both mentally and financially prepared when they get into politics. In order to become a politician you need to have some passion in the field. Without political passion, you may not be able to be successful in the process. There are some factors and traits that one should consider and have in order to become a politician.

Politician traits

Some of the main traits that you should have in order to become a politician are as follows;

  • Patience- becoming a politician takes a lot of patience. It is rare for one to get into politics with the first try. One needs to try several times in order for the people to know you better. This means that one should be patient at all times.
  • Convincing- as a politician, you need to be able to know how to convince people to be on your side. Politics is always about having the majority of people by your side and the only way of doing this is by being able to easily convince others.
  • Confident- a politician should always be confident at all times. This is what helps them be able to gather large crowds as well as be able to address large groups of crowds.
  • Knowledge- being a politician requires both natural smartness as well as book smart. This will allow you to be able to state facts when addressing several issues.

These are some of the main personal traits that one should have in order to become a successful politician. It is always best to research on some of the legal requirements a person needs in order to qualify to get into politics. More information on this is available at

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5 reasons why you don’t need to study politics to be president

1When it comes to vying for any public seat, most people tend to consider politics. This is also true when it comes to vying for presidency. Though most people give politics a priority, it is important to take note that it is not a must to study politics in order to be a president. There are several reasons as to why it is not a must for one to study politics to be a president. Some of the main reasons as to why politics is not a must in presidency include;

#1 Mind games

Politics is just learning on how to play with your opponent’s minds in order to benefit from the outcome. This is basically the simplest definition of politics. This means that if you are a quick thinker and creative you will be able to handle the politics part that always arises.

#2 Difference

Though politics might at times be entertaining and actually beneficial to the public, most people actually prefer choosing a leader who is not involved in politics compared to one who is. This is one of the main reasons as to why it is not a must to study politics to become a president.

#3 All about actions

In order to become a president, it is important to show the public that you have the ability to develop the country further. People prefer electing a person who has a vision and has the capability of actually helping the country.

#4 Popularity

The only way to be elected as a president is to be ensure that you are popular and the higher public percentage will elect you. There are various methods of doing this and it is up to you to know the best method. Though studying politics might help you on this, most of it relies on how to easily contact the public.

#5 Cost saving

Studying politics will only help you to some extent. Being a president requires more than just education, you need to be able to make viable decisions that are to the best interest of your country. Studying politics is usually expensive and time consuming when in the long run it only plays a small role.

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